Eduard M. Barcikowski
Chairman Board of Directors
  • Group Coordination
  • Degree in Law & background in Physics
  • Work experience:
    • Founder of Law companies
    • Head NANISO Molecular Technology
Peter Mueller
CEO, Board of Directors
  • Corporate coordination & development
  • Degree in Technics & Marketing
  • Work experience:
    • Management in Industry, Trade & Logistics
    • Supply chain expert, consulting mandates
Moritz Zuellig
CFO, Head Advisory Board
  • Head Finance & Coordination Blockchain Activities
  • Degree in Economics & Risk- and Insurance Mathematics
  • Work experience:
    • Quantum
    • President C-Licenced Swiss Securities Company
René Nijsen
Board of Directors
CTO, Head Engineering
  • Head Engineering & Technology
  • Degree in Engineering & Energy-Systems
  • Work experience:
    • Head of Durena
    • Expert CO2 Certification
Christoph Gut
Board of Directors
COO, Markets & Controlling
  • Markets / Controlling
  • Swiss Certified Public Accountant
  • Work experience:
    • CEO of an Oil Trading Company
    • retired Board Member of a Swiss Bank
Christian Koechy
Member Advisory Board
CIO, Head of IT & Crypto-/Blockchain applications
  • IT Controlling, Blockchain activities
  • Studies in computer science
  • Long term associate in IT, Crypto-/Blockchain companies
Manfred Wuest
Member Advisory Board
Head of R&D ReduX
  • Corporate Head of Lab & Scientific Developments
  • Degree in engineering
  • Work experience:
    • Head of several R&D projects and companies
Marcel Broch
Member Advisory Board
Group Accounting
  • Trustee Group Accounting
  • Degree in fiduciary & taxes
  • Work experience:
    • Heading own Trustee Company