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ReduX converter has proven itself in numerous field tests over many years. ReduX converter has been widely tested on trucks and other large vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN, DAF, and SCANIA.

For marine engines, ReduX can provide considerable fuel savings (up to 25%) as well as significant emissions reductions (up to 80%).

An innovative, pragmatic and efficient solution:

  • redux-converter-imageinstallation process is easy and straightforward
  • redux-converter-imageaverage payback period is less than 12 months
  • redux-converter-imagesystem is compact and fits to most engines
  • redux-converter-imageTÜV-certified and has a 10 to 12-year service life

A MORF-Refractor is a unique high-tech conversion and recycling system that produces high-quality synthetic fuels such as heating oil, diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, gas, and coal. These products are based on residual materials of biomass, wood, plastic waste, sewage sludge, used tires, or many other biological or industrial wastes. No oil wells or gas fields are needed for this! MORF provides independent energy and fuel production everywhere!

  • redux-converter-imagesuccessfully tested with more than 3,000 molecular chains
  • redux-converter-imageRealization of the first industrial MORF plant in 2023
  • redux-converter-imageProduction of various synthetic fuels, biochar, heat and electrical energy
  • redux-converter-imageenvironmentally friendly and profitable technology

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Released on 21st FEBRUARY 2023

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Experience the power of molecules

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Released on 20th DECEMBER 2022

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